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INCOTEC: 10 years of independence

Since its start in 1968 INCOTEC has gone through some major developments, including breaking away from Royal Sluis (which later became Seminis).

January 11th 2002 is an important date for INCOTEC. This is the day that INCOTEC became completely independent through a management buy-out. The company was taken over by a group of INCOTEC managers supported by NesBic, a Dutch Private Equity Fund.

During the last 10 years of independence the company has experienced turbulent developments. The turnover has almost tripled, the company, which already had branches in the Netherlands, USA, Japan and Brazil, has opened new locations in India, Australia, China and South Africa and the number of employees has increased from less than 200 to more than 400!

These developments have taken INCOTEC to the position of independent global market leader in improving and adding value to seeds and other genetic starting material.

We are proud to have reached this milestone and we anticipate a continuation of the growth with exceedingly innovative products and technologies and in this way we will make a contribution to securing a sustainable global food supply.

We are grateful to our customers, suppliers, employees and all our associates for the trust and support they have given through the years which has made INCOTEC what it is today.

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P +61 (03) 9786 0914
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