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INCOTEC's international management team visits Matsuda in Brazil

During INCOTEC's recent global strategic meeting, the international management team paid a visit to Matsuda, the leading company in the forage seeds segment. INCOTEC and Matsuda have a long-standing association and the team were glad to have the opportunity to visit the plant on this informal occasion.

Nowhere on the planet are tropical pastures cultivated on the same scale as they have been in Brazil over the past 30 years.
During this period, the forage seed industry in Brazil has put a lot of effort into its development and improvement in order to meet the needs of the national and international market with good quality seeds. As a result of this process, Brazil is now the biggest consumer, producer and exporter of tropical forage seeds in the world.

INCOTEC performs well in this market with its Pastokote technology and the film coating of seeds.

INCOTEC and Matsuda have a solid partnership within the forage seeds segment. This partnership has arisen from the combination of INCOTEC's knowledge of seed technology and the high quality forage seeds produced by Matsuda. The result of this association is an innovative product that offers many benefits to farmers in this market such as:

  • Seed with high purity and vigor
  • Seed protection
  • Dust reduction
  • Uniform sowing and distribution
  • Identification and contrast with the soil color (monitoring and adjusting equipment)
  • Availability of nutrients
  • Reduction of problems with air distribution in air and launch sowing
  • Reduction of the volume of seeds per area (less reloading of the equipment)
  • Addition of plant protection products and nutrients
  • Better distribution of the products incorporated
  • Speed and uniformity of germination
  • Better and safer initial establishment

In summary, the trend we are seeing in the forage seeds market in Brazil is an increase in the use of technology, more use of high quality seeds and better products. In this perspective, INCOTEC has worked extensively to offer innovative and differentiated solutions to meet the needs of this huge market.

INCOTEC has been active on the Brazilian market since the introduction of Topkote Thermocure in the 80’s. INCOTEC Brazil, located in the city of Holambra-SP, was officially opened in 2000 and has already seen considerable development in the South American Seed Industry. Besides the successful Pastokote technology, a highly innovative development in the forage segment, INCOTEC Brazil offers a broad range of technologies in four business areas (Field Crops, Vegetables, Ornamentals and Analytical Services). Among these sophisticated seed coating technologies is one of INCOTEC’s newest arrivals on the market, ThermoSeedTM – a sustainable and responsible seed disinfection method usng hot humid air.

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