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INCOTEC global R&D meeting 2012

In the week of March 19 to 23 INCOTEC held its annual Global R&D Meeting. In the meeting which was hosted by INCOTEC Brazil, managers from the R&D facilities in The Netherlands, Sweden, United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, China and South Africa participated. Within this group of 14, various topics of strategic importance to the INCOTEC Group were discussed. Emphasis was given to further strengthening the innovative character of the R&D group along with further improvement of the global interaction, information sharing and communication within the group, which has reached a critical mass of more than 70 people.

Among the various topics a new concept for the exchange of the huge amount of technical know how and experience has been developed and will be effectuated in the coming months.
"It is wonderful to see the high level of brainstorming in an open an constructive atmosphere taking place within the team this week. This makes one proud to be involved with the balanced mix of young dynamic people and more experienced managers", stated Global Research Director Bob Legro. "This meeting perfectly served our goal to be recognized as the most innovative R&D group within the seed industry, in developing sustainable, efficient and effective solutions, for growing uniform, healthy and vital crops, in the context of global changes".

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