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INCOTEC and KeyGene join forces to develop and apply DNA-SNP technology for seed testing

INCOTEC, the world's largest independent seed processing company providing solutions and services to the global seed industry, and KeyGene, one of the world's leading Agro Biotechnology companies specialized in molecular plant genetics, announce their strategic collaboration on DNA based Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP)- technology.

Together with INCOTEC, KeyGene will develop, identify and select SNPs from a number of crops and use them for testing hybrid purity and variety verification. For each crop a proprietary set of SNPs will be developed, that will be tested on broad germplasm collections originating from all over the world. This will ensure the widest possible utility. Both companies will make these unique SNP sets available for a broad range of seed companies.

The development and commercialization of the SNP sets will be phased and they will be developed for vegetables as well as field crops such as corn, sunflower and cotton. INCOTEC will promote services using these SNP sets worldwide through its global affiliates, with the actual testing of varieties and determination of hybrid purity performed centrally by INCOTEC in the Netherlands.

Managing Director of INCOTEC Analytical Lab Europe BV at Zwaagdijk, the Netherlands, Rob Pronk: "We are excited to have reached this agreement with KeyGene. This will broaden the INCOTEC Analytical Services portfolio and will position us at the high-end of DNA SNP technology. Our cooperation will create opportunities for many companies. Until now, the logistics of developing SNPs and the necessity of running a specialized molecular lab for DNA based seed testing has been the main reason for keeping this technology out of reach for many companies. With the new services we are offering, a broad range of companies can now increase their quality control and improve their product development."

"Teaming with INCOTEC generates a new outlet for the expertise and DNA-SNP technologies of KeyGene. The new products provide fast and reliable assessment and testing of seed lots for worldwide seed industry customers", adds Herco van Liere, VP Business Development from KeyGene. "We are very pleased to have this strategic collaboration with INCOTEC, the leading company on seed processing and seed testing."

About KeyGene:

KeyGene is a privately owned, innovative molecular genetics Ag Biotech company with a primary focus on the improvement of 6F (Food, Feed, Fiber, Fuel, Flowers and Fun) crops. KeyGene’s passion is a Green Gene Revolution approach to explore and exploit existing and induced natural genetic variation in vegetable and other 6F crops. KeyGene delivers sustainable responses to the world’s needs for yield stability & quality of vegetable and field crops. We help our strategic partners with cutting edge breeding technologies and plant based trait platforms to meet their needs. We perform strategic and applied research with more than 135 employees from all over the world, with state of the art facilities and equipment. KeyGene has its headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands, a subsidiary in Rockville, USA and a Joint Lab with the Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai, China. www.keygene.com 

For more information about this press release please contact:

INCOTEC Analytical Lab Europe BV
Mr. Rob Pronk
Managing Director
P: +31 228 564661
E: rob.pronk@incotec.com

Ms. Marianne Eikenaar
PR & Corporate Communication
P: +31 317 466 866



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