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Incotec at ASTA Chicago

The North America team is participating in the ASTA CSS 2017 & SEED EXPO, on 4 - 8 December, sharing expertise in seed treatment and technology. ASTA stands for American Seed Trade Association. The annual congress and trade fair with a focus on field crops are held in Chicago.


North America is an important market for seed enhancements for Incotec in both field crops and vegetables.


Incotec’s has recently modernized the production site in Salinas and a new Innovation Centre will be established in the Des Moines, Iowa area in the USA, in 2018.  Both projects are major investments that will lead to state of the art production facilities for seed treatment and enhancement, product innovation and improved customer experience.


In January 2018 (27 – 30) the 57th Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference will be held in San Diego, California. Incotec will also be attending this event.

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