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INCOTEC, Elsoms and SUET sign agreement with anti-infringement bureau

31st May, 2011, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

At a ceremony on 31 May 2011 during the ISF World Seed Congress in Belfast three leading European seed enhancement and coating companies, Elsoms, INCOTEC and Suet, have signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Anti-Infringement Bureau on Intellectual Property Rights of Plant Material (AIB), the authority for prevention and control of illegal multiplication of protected vegetable seeds. The parties agreed to a protocol aiming to prevent the conditioning of illegally multiplied seeds that are protected by plant breeders rights.

Casper van Kempen, AIB's managing director, welcomes this initiative: "This agreement will give AIB an extra tool to track and trace the illegal production of seeds protected by plant breeders rights that are being offered to the seed conditioning companies for coating and priming."

JanWillem Breukink, INCOTEC's CEO, commented: "We are very pleased with this initiative as in this way we can give our contribution to avoid the illegal production of protected vegetable varieties owned by our customers. In this way we want to show that we take our responsibility as reliable seed enhancers and that we think in the interest of our customers. We want to keep our industry healthy, what we believe at the end is also the interest of the growers".

Dr. Jörn Dau of SUET added: "SUET strongly supports this initiative, it underlines our long-term business policy to exclusively process seeds of known origin."

The new protocol will enter into effect on 1 September 2011.

The vegetable seed industry, with an estimated turnover of Euro 2.8 billion, invests heavily in innovation to deliver high value products to the food chain.

AIB was established in 2008 by the vegetable seed industry, to prevent and fight illegal propagation of its protected varieties.

For more information on AIB and its activities, see the website www.aib-seeds.com.

For further enquiries and/or details please contact

Casper van Kempen at AIB, info@aib-seeds.com or +31 6 13 29 93 92
Anthony Keeling, Elsoms Seed, info@elsoms.com or +44 1775 715000
JanWillem Breukink, INCOTEC, pagroup@incotec.com or +31 228 358000
Dr. Jörn Dau, SUET, info@suet.de or + 49 (5651) 927-5 >

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