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INCOTEC Japan installs new generator to secure customer service during electricity blackouts

INCOTEC Japan recently completed the installation of a new private electricity generator. This will guarantee production continuity during the frequent blackouts Japan has been dealing with since the country was struck by a devastating earthquake on March 11th of this year.

Although alternative energy sources have been tapped in an attempt to make up for the loss of power from the Fukushima plant, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has requested energy conservation measures. In response the government has set up a blackout schedule and power cuts are imposed in turn in most areas.

The new generator installed at INCOTEC Japan will ensure the quality and continuity of service that our customers expect.

Mr. Tadasu Yamamoto, General Manager INCOTEC Japan: "The seed we treat for our customers is valuable material and a power failure may negatively influence our high quality processes which could seriously damage the seeds or cause them to perform under the standards our customers expect. With this investment we safeguard any negative effect of a possible blackout during our processes."

INCOTEC Europe also recently improved the emergency precautions with the replacement of its emergency power unit with a new advanced generator. This unit, which is the first of its kind in The Netherlands, can take over the power supply within 10 seconds in the case of a power shortage.

These considerable investments on a global scale provide back-up systems to avoid any interruption of INCOTEC's seed enhancement processes and guarantee continuity of our procedures and secure the high quality of our services.

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