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Seed Valley

Situated between Enkhuizen and Warmehuizen in the province of North Holland, Seed Valley is home to numerous innovative companies. In this region, better plant varieties are developed, particularly vegetable and flower varieties. Seeds, cuttings and young plants are exported from Seed Valley to customers all around the world.



Tradecorp is a company specialised in crop nutrition, with wide experience in micronutrients and special fertilizers. The groundwork for balanced nutrition lies in the initial stages of crop establishment and continues through to harvesting. Crops do not always exhibit evident signs of nutrient unbalance, since certain deficiencies or lack of nutrients only appear when production has dropped off considerably. To maximise crop production and achieve the quality parameters which customers and the current food industry demand, growers all over the world turn to Tradecorp for solutions.

Greenport Holland

  The summary: 'The Source of a Green Economy' is available for download at Greenport Holland (head: "Economische Topsectoren")

TJ Technologies


TJ Technologies is an agricultural company, headquartered in Watertown, S.D. dedicated to developing and providing consistent, economically sustainable solutions to access and maximize the soil’s productivity and consistently increase yield for optimal efficiency and profitability in farming operations.

Founded in 1978, our mission is to gain a more complete understanding of the creation in which we live, through systematic, scientific research, to positively influence the profitability and sustainability of production agriculture through innovative and consistently effective products.

For more information, go to www.tjtechnologiesinc.com.

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