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Who we are

From the corn fields of North America to the paddy fields of Asia and from the soybean plantations of South America to the greenhouses of Northern Europe, growers in every corner of the earth produce a wide variety of crops under vastly different conditions. The solutions Incotec offers to seed producers are as diverse as the markets we serve and as varied as the problems they are designed to overcome.

We are THE seed enhancers: independent, innovative and with a clear focus on consistent high quality for our customers. We are the originators of unique solutions, driven by the needs of growers all over the world.

With Incotec facilities all around the world, we are familiar with the circumstances in each particular region. We understand the challenges facing growers and we can identify local needs and respond to them.

The right product for any problem is always the result of a joint effort. It's a combination of input from our customers and the dedication and experience of Incotec's global team. This kind of cooperation can only work if we really get to know our customers and the needs of their clients, the growers.

And we want our customers to know us. We want them to know that when they put high quality products in our hands for processing, they can have complete faith in our technologies and in our way of working.

We understand the importance of earning that trust - and keeping it. That's why we will always do all that we can to provide consistent high quality and high standards. All over the world and every step of the way.

We market seven main technology groups to maximize seed performance: upgrading, priming, disinfection, film coating, encrusting & pelleting, application of actives and additives and analytical quality testing.

Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and there are facilities in the USA, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, India, Australia, China, South Africa, Malaysia and Argentina. In December 2015, Incotec joined the Croda Group as part of their Life Sciences business.

Croda is the name behind the high performance ingredients and technologies in some of the biggest, most successful brands in the world: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere. With more than 4000 employees working in over 30 countries, Croda focuses on developing and delivering a wide range of practical solutions to its customers across nine markets. For more information see www.croda.com



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