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Change of ownership ThermoSeed

Starting in December Incotec Group BV will transfer the global ThermoSeed business via a management buyout to new ownership: ThermoSeed Global AB in Uppsala, Sweden, headed by Kenneth Alness. Incotec will continue to have a financial stake in the new ThermoSeed organization but will not be involved in the management. Kenneth Alness is one of the inventors of the ThermoSeed technology and has been responsible for successful expansion of ThermoSeed business in Scandinavia.

There will be no loss of know-how or service capacity. A close partnership with the Lantmännen cooperation secures long experience of ThermoSeed production by customers in Scandinavia, which will ensure the best service. There will be no change to the supply of products and services; the ThermoSeed business will continue to operate from the fully equipped facility in Sweden, and the service to ThermoSeed customer globally will remain intact.

ThermoSeed is a disinfection method using hot, humid air as a form of steam pasteurization. The technology was first introduced for cereals in Sweden in 2006 and acquired by Incotec in 2008. Over the past years Incotec has further developed the technology to include disinfection of rice and vegetable seeds. ThermoSeed is a promising environmentally friendly disinfection technology but it proved difficult to commercialize this technology within the Incotec structure.

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