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Improved witloof (chicory) products

Our line of witloof (chicory) products successfully introduced in January 2014 has now been optimized further.

By adjusting a number of the steps in the production process, including the application of the finishing layer, we have been able to reduce the dust percentage by  50%. The pellet now has an even smoother surface.

These products, which have always been in line with the strict ESTA dust requirements, now have even lower dust percentages as well as being easier to process.

The product is new, but you can count on the benefits that you are used to from our witloof products:

  • Effortless sowing
  • Pellets that disintegrate easily after sowing
  • Priming that ensures uniform and better germination, even when conditions are suboptimal.

The adjustments are applicable to the following products:

  • SANOKOTE 2.25 Pellet + Insecticide
  • SANOKOTE SPECIAL 2.25 Priming + Pellet+ Insecticide
  • SPLITKOTE 2.25 Pellet + Color
  • SPLITKOTE SPECIAL 2.25 Priming + Pellet + Color

Also available for witloof (chicory):

  • SANOVISION Film coat + Insecticide
  • SANOVISION SPECIAL Priming + Film coat + Insecticide

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