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Seed Upgrading

INCOTEC® has developed a range of upgrading technologies that maximize germination and uniformity potential. We offer conventional sorting technology based on seed characteristics such as weight and size to improve uniformity of the seed lot. Fluid density is another upgrading method that is more precise and can improve germination when conventional upgrading is not effective.

X-ray imaging is our most recent and innovative seed upgrading technology which can significantly increase the percentage of useable seeds in each seed lot. The internal embryo shape of each seed is evaluated. X-ray technology is currently available for upgrading tomato, rootstock tomato and pepper seed lots.

INCOTECís Purifierô can improve hybridity of the seed lot. With this technology we are often successful in upgrading seed lots with a beginning hybridity as low as 80%.

Contact one of our Account Managers to discuss which method best suits your seed lot and specific needs.

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