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Seed Film Coating

Growers today demand a complete seed product: dust-free processing of color-coded seeds treated with actives to promote optimum growth and provide nutrients, seed which flows smoothly through the sowing machinery and is coated with substances to protect the crop from pests diseases. At the same time the agricultural industry is facing increasing legislation and environmental issues which oppose inefficient use of plant protection products (PPPs).
INCOTEC®’s film coats, the DISCO™ product line, suitable for virtually all types of seed, can meet these requirements. We are constantly in collaboration with the developers of plant protection products to ensure that the film coats we develop can be applied safely.

There is an extensive range available and INCOTEC is continuously developing and adapting film coats to suit the requirements of our customers. Our aim is to provide agriculture professionals with the best possible result from their crop. With INCOTEC facilities on every continent and direct contact with the highly trained and well–experienced global R&D team, film coats can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

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