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Seed Applied Actives or Seed Treatments

Actives can have a positive influence on all or any of the phases of seed germination and/or the growth and development of seedlings and plants. Different types of actives are recognized and can be divided into three main sub-groups:
- Plant Protection Products
- Stimulants
- Biologicals

Seed applied plant protection products

Plant protection products are actives developed to combat pests and diseases and to enhance seed germination as well as seedling growth and development.

INCOTEC® has developed product lines such as Sanokote® and Sanovision® to combine priming, coating and plant protection product (PPP) application to give you optimal performance of your seeds. The patented Sanokote Smart, for example, can defeat the negative effects often experienced when seeds require high doses of PPPs.

These PPPs may be biological or chemical. In either case these can be organic (natural) or non-organic.

Our researchers are in close collaboration with the developers of seed applied PPPs so that we can continue to provide you with the best formulations for your crop.

Seed applied stimulants

Seeds, seedlings and plants may benefit from stimulants. Many types of stimulants are available including micronutrients, plant growth regulators and promoters, gene activators and systemic resistance elicitors. INCOTEC is constantly looking for new stimulants which, after rigorous laboratory and field trials, can be incorporated into our products as a seed treatment. These stimulants may be biological or chemical. In either case these can be organic (natural) or non-organic.

Seed applied biologicals

Our biological Actives provide seed with either plant protection or plant growth stimulation. Thorough research ensures consistent results, recovery of the active ingredients, uniform seed-to-seed distribution and dust-free binding to the seed. We also pay particular attention to the safety of the handler and the environment.

For a solution to your particular seed or crop need please contact us.

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