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Plant protection products

We provide a loading analysis of coated seed batches. Our seed to seed distribution test can initiate and monitor improvements through the evaluation of individual coated seeds in relation to their weight. The influences of seed characteristics, or the choice of coating technology or operator will become evident and manageable. These services offer support with the many challenges of applying and extracting pesticides to and from seed.

Seed treatment with plant protection products (PPP) is an effective way for seed companies to protect their genetics during the earlier phases of germination and growth. Incorrect application of PPPs on seed lots may lead to poor germination and physiological disorders when overdosed, or to field infestations or disease infections and eventual crop loss when underdosed.

As with many other quality norms such as purity and germination, several countries already require the labelling of treated seed lots with the applied PPPs. Testing the coated seed batches ensures that you comply with these regulations

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