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We offer the dust-off tests based on the Heubach technology which has become the accepted method of dust-off testing in the industry. INCOTEC has the first and only independent laboratory in the seed industry to offer this test. We can simultaneously analyze the presence and concentration of plant protection products in free-floating dust particles to determine how much active ingredient is present in the dust.
To perform the critical analytical Heubach test, a strict protocol is followed. The environment under which the Heubach test is performed requires constant and specific laboratory conditions. We have these conditions available at our laboratories. Even minimal quantities of free-floating dust particles can be measured accurately on micro-balances.
For seeds treated with plant protection products (PPP) an increasing number of European authorities are introducing dust-off norms by legislation. The main reason for the introduction of the dust-off test is to protect the environment from free-floating dust from seeds treated with PPPs

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