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Seed Encrusting and Seed Pelleting

Today's planting equipment requires a smooth round shape for optimal results. The peletting or encrusting of seed will create a smoother surface and more uniform shape as well as increase size and weight: all characteristics designed to maximize planting efficiency. INCOTEC®'s coating products are developed to maintain the germination capacity of the seed. Good examples of this are the Split PillTM, and Splitkote® seed pellets, originally developed for lettuce. The coating is designed to allow free and easy access of moisture and oxygen to the seed.

With the ever changing market, our coatings are constantly being adapted to deal with present day needs and legislation both locally and globally.

The diversity of characteristics from seed to seed presents a range of challenges for growers. Through continuous work on developing new seed coating technologies, INCOTEC® helps deal with these specific needs.

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