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Seed Disinfection

Seeds need to be disinfected in order to rid them of seed-borne pathogens. In an effort to contribute to the sustainability of global agricultural, INCOTEC®’s seed disinfection treatments have been developed and fine tuned to meet the requirements of today’s seed industry. Unlike most disinfection methods currently available, our very successful eXccitTM product line can eradicate external and internal seed-borne diseases without negatively affecting the speed of emergence and final stand.

This state of the art technology optimizes both disinfection and quality parameters to overcome negative disinfection effects. As a result, eXccit has practically eradicated Xanthomonas Campestris pv campestris (Black Rot) in all treated brassica seed lots. Since its introduction, this technology has been adapted to eradicate other seed-borne pathogens in many crops including tomato and pepper (Xcv), carrot (Xcc) and leek (Ps pv porre). eXccit for tomato and pepper seed is only available as an experimental product.

ThermoSeedTM is an innovative treatment developed to eradicate seed-borne pathogens. This highly effective treatment involves subjecting seeds to hot humid air under strictly controlled conditions in such a way that disease producing organisms are controlled and the best possible germination, vigor and seed productivity potential are achieved.
The characteristics of each seed lot are carefully established prior to treatment and this determines the parameters for the process. These pre-treatment tests and the regulation of the parameters are carried out with exceptional precision to maximize effectivity.

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