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Tool box for the seed industry

When it comes to testing and analyzing seed, Incotec is the right choice for reliable and qualified seed material testing and analyses of any crop.

Why Incotec?

There is good reason why many seed production and breeding businesses choose Incotec as their reliable partner for seed analysis and testing. We understand how important it is that you know exactly what kind of material you're working with. We have our own certified laboratories in the Netherlands, South Africa and India where we carry out advanced testing techniques. Techniques such as DNA-SSR marker technology, advanced DNA-SNP technology, and breeding support that we provide through a close cooperation with the molecular genetic research specialists at KeyGene.

What does Incotec do?

The testing we do covers a broad area:

  • DNA technology
    Determining variety, purity, inbred percentages and DNA markers; identification of disease resistance markers
  • Protein-based technology
    Determining hybrid purity using protein markers
  • GMO testing
    Determining the presence or absence of GMOs and the GMO content in seed or food
  • Heubach dust test
    Determining the number of dust particles in treated seed
  • HPLC analysis
    Determining the amount of plant protection products on coated seed
  • Seed health testing
    Seed health tests, via Eurofins STA

Shipping made easy
Our European laboratory is ISO-9001 certified and we also have an exemption which allows us to receive seed sample from outside the EU without the customary phytosanitary certificates or seed passports. That saves you an enormous amount of paperwork.

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