Intern assignment


Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

30-38 hours/week

Can you help us and - by doing that - win the opportunity to bring your ideas to life?

We are looking for students that can help us with innovative and sustainable solutions.

What are we looking for?

Seeds and plants need protection and help to be able to provide the most optimal yield. Protection against pathogens and insects but also nutrients for their growth and development. Three essential nutrients include:

  • Nitrogen (N), for plant growth and chlorophyll synthesis
  • Phosphorus (P), a vital components of adenosine triphosphate (ATP): the plants energy
  • Potassium (K), essential for plant growth and reproduction.

These nutrients are present in the soil but often not in a form that is available to plants. Nitrogen is present in organic forms, but plants are not able to take this up (they prefer nitrate or ammonium). Artificial fertilizer that is added has as a disadvantage that it is often overdosed and the nutrients that are not used, leach into the groundwater.

Our challenge is to reduce the use of nutrients via seed enhancement, prevent leaching and make the nutrients in soil more bioavailable and useful to plants. You are invited to come up with your own approach to this challenge. We encourage thinking outside of the box and having crazy ideas.

The person with the best idea will be rewarded with an internship at Incotec and the opportunity to bring their vision to life!

  • Internship for at least 5 months
  • HBO or University
  • Submission of your idea and short CV by 28th of April
  • The best idea will be selected by the end of May
  • Contact person Carola Peters,

Who Is Incotec?

Incotec is a seed enhancement specialist, specialised in seed treatment since 1968. Our aim is to improve seed quality for field crops and vegetables, in the most sustainable way. Getting the utmost out of seed is what makes us proud. We support seed companies, seed breeders, growers and farmers all over the world. Our headquarters is in Enkhuizen where we have research and production facilities.

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About us

Incotec is the seed enhancement specialist. We have various innovative technologies that improve the resilience and performance of seeds.

Researcher at Incotec's lab

Intern assignment

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