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Incotec voluteers

News : Incotec in action against litter

On 18 January 2022, a team of Incotec colleagues are cleaning up litter in Enkhuizen in cooperation with a group of volunteers 'Schoon Enkhuizen' (Clean Enkhuizen)

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some of the children supported by the Kartini foundation

News : Generous gesture at Christmas

"Giving is not just making a donation, it's making a difference". Incotec employees choose to donate their Christmas gratuity to charity.

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Incotec stand at SmT

News : Incotec at Seed meets Technology 2021

Sustainable seed solutions take centre stage once again

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SmT stand 2021

News : Coming soon - new microplastic-free coatings for vegetable seeds

The vibrantly coloured film coatings are suitable for a wide range of vegetable seeds compatible with commonly used plant protection products and perform well on parameters such as dust-off and.....

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sunflower seed treatment including a drying powder

News : Fluidus - the finishing touch in seed treatment

Fluidus F-038 is a very good alternative for existing finishing powders. Good dust control and a high colour intensity, but without titanium dioxide.

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lettuce crop

News : Incotec is first to market with microplastic-free pellet for lettuce seeds

First microplastic-free seed coating for lettuce in North America. The first of a new range of seed coatings that are ready for anticipated regulatory changes.

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veg seeds with microplastic-free coating

Microplastic-free seed coatings

With the use of microplastics in seed treatment expected to be banned soon in Europe, and other regions of the world likely to follow, the need for microplastic-free seed treatments has never been greater. Helping customers get ahead of a major regulatory impact, we are expanding our line of microplastic-free seed coatings. Our new-generation seed solutions include products for both vegetables and field crops. 
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