Promotor Organic Squash

This 100 % organic priming allows squash, also known as pumpkin, seeds to germinate even under unfavorable low temperature conditions. Even from 14°C, high germination rates can be obtained. Further the priming increases germination energy, resulting in a faster germination.
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Promotor Organic Squash

Watch the video to see a demonstration of winter squash seeds primed with Incotec's Promotor Organic Squash germinating faster than unprimed seeds. This result is achieved even in conditions when temperatures are unfavourably low.

Product details

Regional availability

  • Europe


  • Priming

Features and benefits

  • Maximizes germination even under low (14°C) temperatures.
  • Faster germination.
  • May be used in Dutch organic farming.


  • May be used in Dutch organic farming


  • Pumpkin
  • Squash (C. pepo only)
  • Winter Squash
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