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PaddyRise ™

PaddyRise with an - externally sourced and registered - dedicated biostimulant incorporated, makes young plants more resilient to pests and diseases. The stronger germination and better root development optimize the yield potential whilst enabling the farmer using less PPPs. The product has been tested at various locations in Malaysia, both at institutional level (MADA) as well as at farmers level. This biostimulant is adhered to the seed with Incotec’s tailored film coat formulation, ensuring optimal application, efficacy and seed-to-seed distribution.


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Asia (SE Asia)


  • Applying actives, additives and biologicals
  • Custom film coating

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Stronger and more resilient young plants
  • Provides better protection against pests and diseases
  • Contributes to increased crop yield
  • Enables the farmer to using less plant protection products
  • More sustainable solution
  • Maximizes the potential for farmers to raise their income.
  • Improves germination energy (especially for seed with higher t.s.w)


  • Rice
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