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Split Pill Special Plus 3.5 Brassica

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Today’s planting equipment requires a smooth round shape for optimal results. Pelleting seeds creates that smooth surface and uniform shape as well as an increase in size and weight: all characteristics designed to maximize planting efficiency. Split Pill improves the sowability, can act as a carrier for plant protection products and it has a unique ability to split open. The pellet does not disintegrate, but splits open and creates optimum conditions for quick development of the seedling. The coating material is designed to allow the seed free and quick access to moisture and oxygen. The integrated priming will increase the speed of emergence, resulting in a more uniform plant stand and improved useable transplants. After priming the seed is upgraded to improve to the final quality.
Split Pill Special Plus 3.5 Brassica


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Europe


  • Pelleting
  • Priming
  • Upgrading


Dit product is vrij van microplastics volgens de huidige ECHA-richtlijnen

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Maximize planting efficiency
  • More uniform plant stand
  • Improve usable transplants


  • Brassica

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Title: Product information Europe Split Pill Special Plus 3.5 Brassica

Product information Europe Split Pill Special Plus 3.5 Brassica

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