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X-ray eXpress Organic Tomato

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X-ray eXpress Organic is the follow up of the ground-breaking upgrading system developed by Incotec and the latest innovation in seed upgrading. Internal imaging of individual seeds indicates whether the embryo is good or has aberrations. It significantly increases the percentage of useable plants in your seed lot. By developing the process on our high-tech X-ray equipment, we have been successful in speeding up production time significantly and still deliver a high % usable plants. X-ray eXpress is available in 2 options: 1. X-ray Special Senso eXpress Organic: with the Senso priming a sensitive priming is used which offers a good speed of emergence without the risk of blind plants, and consequently will enhance vegetable stand establishment. 2. X-ray Special Presto eXpress Organic: for cultivars that are not susceptible to blind plants, the Presto priming offers an even higher increased speed of uniform emergence. X-ray eXpress Organic may be used in Dutch organic farming
X-ray eXpress Organic Tomato


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Europe


  • Upgrading


Dit product is vrij van microplastics volgens de huidige ECHA-richtlijnen

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Significantly increases the percentage of usable transplants.
  • Shortened production time (from 7 to 4 weeks).
  • May be used in Dutch organic farming


  • May be used in Dutch organic farming
  • GSPP


  • Tomato
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