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ColorIn Yellow 31

The ColorIn product range has been designed to fit perfectly with Incotec’s Disco range, providing customers a suite of colors to bring the desired coloring to their seed with the reassurance that the film coat will maintain its performance on all quality aspects.
Close up of seeds


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • North America


  • Film coat formulations


Dit product is vrij van microplastics volgens de huidige ECHA-richtlijnen

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Range of six attractive colors
  • Easy to use
  • Verified compatibility of pigment and coating technology


  • EPA, 40CFR


  • Cereals
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Forages
  • Sorghum
  • Soybean

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Category: Marketing sheet

Title: Marketing sheet USA ColorIn

Marketing sheet USA ColorIn

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