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Split Pill Special Light 3.5 Rootstock Tomato

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A combined pelleting and priming. Pelleting seeds creates that smooth surface and uniform shape as well as an increase in size and weight: all characteristics designed to maximize planting efficiency. This light-weight Split Pill is designed to allow the seed free and quick access to water and oxygen and maintain germination capacity. Also a priming is included which can break dormancies typical in rootstock seeds giving a uniform product. The pellet falls apart after it comes into contact with water and is developed to maintain the germination capacity of the seed.
Split Pill Special Light 3.5 Rootstock Tomato


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Europe


  • Pelleting
  • Priming

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Maximizes planting efficiency.
  • Increases the speed of emergence (and vigour) Improves the uniformity.
  • Increases number of usable transplants.


  • GSPP


  • Rootstock tomato

Split Pill Special Light Rootstock

Rootstock tomato seeds primed with Incotec's priming germinate faster and more uniformly. Germination in unprimed seeds is slow and irregular. Watch the time-lapse video and see the amazing results for yourself.
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