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Split Pill Special Light 3.5 Tomato

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Split Pill Special Light is a Tomato seed product which combines priming and pelleting. The integrated priming ensures uniformity, dormancy-breaking and an increased germination energy. The Senso or Presto priming also widens the temperature range in which the Tomato seed will germinate and improves the root system. Its ability to split makes Split Pill Special Light unique. The pellet does not disintegrate, but splits open after it comes into contact with water and creates optimum conditions for quick development of the seedling. The coating material is designed to allow the seed free and quick access to moisture and oxygen. In comparison to the regular Split Pill Special, the Split Pill Special Light has a higher absorptive power, but also releases water earlier. Consequently the light version is preferred in both extremely dry and extremely wet conditions.
Split Pill Special Light 3.5 Tomato


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Europe


  • Pelleting
  • Priming

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Increases uniformity and germination energy.
  • Improves low temperature tolerance.
  • Performs well in both extremely dry and wet conditions.


  • GSPP


  • Tomato
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