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Promotor Rootstock Tomato

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An advanced priming that is second to none. Promotor can break dormancies typical in rootstock seeds giving a uniform product. The priming is engineered to take cultivar traits into account and deliver the germination uniformity demanded by the Tomato seed propagation business.
Promotor Rootstock Tomato


Regionale beschikbaarheid

  • Europe


  • Priming


Dit product is vrij van microplastics volgens de huidige ECHA-richtlijnen

Kenmerken en voordelen

  • Increases the speed of emergence (and vigour).
  • Improves the uniformity.
  • Increases number of usable transplants.


  • GSPP


  • Rootstock tomato

Rootstock Tomato Priming

Rootstock tomato seeds primed with Incotec's priming germinate faster and more uniformly. Germination in unprimed seeds is slow and irregular. Watch the time-lapse video and see the amazing results for yourself.
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