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Partner with us

We work in collaboration with commercial, academic and research organisations. These partnerships are formed to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for our customers and also for the broader issues facing the agriculture sector. Sharing knowledge and specialist expertise we develop novel technologies and bring them to market faster, using our R&D and commercial networks to speed up the progress. 
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Seed technologies

Our seed technologies are designed to improve the vitality and performance of vegetable and field crops seeds and in this way contribute to global food security.

  • Seedling growing strongly even in drought

    MiCRop consortium

    Microbial imprinting for crop resilience

    The chief aim of this large-scale open innovation project is to meet the challenges of sustainable food production. The MiCRop consortium consists of several Dutch Universities and other institutes of knowledge as well as many private sector businesses and the work is supported by the Dutch Research Council.

  • corn in petri dish

    University of Leuven & Incotec

    Viruses to protect seeds

    Together with the University of Leuven we are working on developing sustainable methods of protecting seeds from bacteria using bacteriophages incorporated into a seed coating.

  • seeds film coated with vibrantly coloured microplastic-free film coatings

    Xampla, Croda & Incotec

    Fully biodegradable microplastic-free coatings

    In February 2022 a partnership was formed between Croda/Incotec and Xampla aimed at developing seed coatings that are microplastic free and will leave no residue.

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Work with us

We always want to hear new ideas and we are open to collaborations aimed at advancing seed technology. Our goal is finding the best solutions both for our customers and for the broader issues facing the agriculture sector. Contact us if you'd like to talk about working with us or to discuss new ideas for seed enhancement innovations.
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