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Sustainable seed solutions

The development of sustainable seed solutions is part of Mission Zero, our sustainability strategy, committing us to always look for the most sustainable solutions to help customers achieve their goals.
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Formulating Biologicals for Agriculture

Incotec researcher working on biologicals for use in agriculture
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A microplastic-free future for seed treatments

seeds film coated with vibrantly coloured microplastic-free film coatings
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Microplastic-free seed coatings

Our new-generation microplastic-free seed coatings include products for vegetables and field crops.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals have helped shape our own sustainability strategy.
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lab evaluation of effect of sustainable seed treatments on germination

Mission Zero

Incotec's sustainability strategy commits us to making our company substantially more sustainable.
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organic pumpkin priming

Solutions for organic crops

We have solutions for all major organic vegetable crops and we're working on products for organic field crops.
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Work with us

We can work with you to develop a quality seed-application method for your biologicals or additives. As seed coating specialists, Incotec works independently with various suppliers of biologicals and additives to develop formulations and application techniques that achieve maximal compatibility and maintain optimal seed shelf life.
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Microplastic-free solutions are here to stay.