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Keeping you up to date with what's happening at Incotec around the world. Here you can find the latest news about our business, events, new product launches and seed industry insights.

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healthy seedling in dry ground illustrating Incotec's solutions for abiotic stress to plants

Incotec and Croda release whitepaper on abiotic stress

27 may 2024: The report 'Mitigating abiotic stress to create resilient crops' has been produced with input from the top experts in the field from Incotec and Croda as well as from other sources

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A hand cupping a seedling

Fad or Future?

14 May 2024: In the first of a two-part article in Seed World Europe, industry experts, including Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Business Director at Incotec, share their views and tell us what companies like...

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Incotec booth in Holland Pavilion at ISF 2024

Incotec promotes partnerships for sustainability at ISF’s Holland Pavilion

07 May 2024: Incotec is open for smart partnerships with other companies and institutions, especially if this means accelerating in the fields of sustainability and innovation.

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Rob Pronk, Global Marketing Manager Incotec

Incotec's Rob Pronk among experts views in Seed World article

08 May 2024: In a recent article in Seed World, Rob Pronk is one of the experts sharing views on the move toward more sustainable agriculture, the importance of seed treatment in achieving that, and...

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Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Sales Director Incotec

Highlighting global presence and local solutions at ISF 2024

07 May 2024: This year the World Seed Congress celebrates 100 years of the International Seed Federation (ISF). At this special edition of the annual congress, Incotec shows that it is a truly global...

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Han Botterhuis, Site Director Incotec Europe

Han Botterhuis Incotec on Seed Valley Board

09 April 2024: Han Botterhuis, site director Incotec Europe, has joined the Seed Valley Board.

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Heliosec effluent water disposal system at Incotec South Africa

Reducing Effluent Water Disposal

Reducing effluent water disposal at our facility in South Africa is an example of Incotec's commitment to becoming more sustainable

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Tomoko Sakata, R&T Manager Incotec and Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager Incotec

Seed Technology central theme at Thai workshop

5 March 2024: Incotec’s Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager, and Tomoko Sakata, Research and Technology Manager Asia Pacific, will address a number of advanced seed technology topics as key...

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Farm machinery in the field on cover of Incotec's booklet on how our sustainability strategy aligns with the UN's SDGs

UPDATE: Sustainable innovation from seed to harvest

28 February 2024: We have updated our booklet ‘Sustainable innovation from seed to harvest’. Download here and learn how we leverage smart science to maximize land productivity and support the UN's...

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Incotec's Tessa Wehrmeijer presents donation to Food Bank Westfiesland

Incotec donates to Food Bank West-Friesland

14 February 2024: In an internal competition (the "Purpose In Action Award") Incotec won an award in the Health, Safety and Welfare category for working with ambassadors who are committed to further...

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Tomoko Sakata, R&T Manager Incotec and Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager Incotec

Seed Technology Seminar Thailand

23 January 2024: What can seed technology do for crops in Thailand? In a seminar on Feb 1st Incotec’s Tomoko Sakata and Ernest Fong will update you on the benefits and newest developments

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Joop Deen collects and processes scrap iron for a good cause

Embracing the spirit of Christmas

19 December 2023: Employees donate their Christmas gift allocation and Incotec donates a further 1000 euros to the same charity.

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primed watermelon seed vs unprimed

OPINION: 5 new techniques for priming

28 November 2023: In this article Henry Bruggink dives into some new techniques for priming. The focus will be on techniques for which a patent application was made.

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Tomoko Sakata, Incotec R&T Manager

OPINION: 4 key solutions to support sustainable agriculture

14 November 2023: Asia's agricultural industry is under threat. Seed enhancement can play a role in transitioning to more sustainable agriculture

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Incotec India staff plant trees to celebrate 20th anniversary

Incotec India celebrates 20 years with dual event

20 October 2023: Anniversary celebrations at Ahmedabad followed by a tree planting event at Mankol School.

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Seeds in fluid during priming process

Opinion: The 3 standard techniques for seed priming

31 October 2023: This most recent article by Henry Bruggink, specialist in seed priming at Incotec, explains the three standard techniques for seed priming.

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Seed priming in the Incotec lab

Opinion: 7 aspects to consider when priming seeds

03 October 2023: In the second article in this series, Incotec's priming specialist, Henry Bruggink, explains what needs to be considered when improving seed quality through priming.

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Marion Smorenburg accepts Plantum Sustainability Prize on behalf of Incotec

Plantum Sustainability Award 2023

21 September 2023: The Plantum Sustainability Award was presented to Marion Smorenburg of Incotec by Marien Valstar of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Incotec wins the...

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Incotec and Croda directors inaugurate new sustainable seed film coating facility

Aquarela - new film coating facility Brazil

14 September 2023: Incotec has opened a new film coating production facility, named “Aquarela” at the Incotec site in Holambra, Brazil. This expansion is a response to the growing demands of the film...

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announcing nominees of Plantum Sustainabilty Award

Nomination Plantum Sustainability Award

12 September 2023: Incotec's efforts in seed enhancement for speeding up reforestation have resulted in a nomination for the Plantum Sustainability Award. The winner will be announced on 21st...

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veg seeds with microplastic-free coating

Microplastic-free seed coatings

With the use of microplastics in seed treatment expected to be banned soon in Europe, and other regions of the world likely to follow, the need for microplastic-free seed treatments has never been greater. Helping customers get ahead of a major regulatory impact, we are expanding our line of microplastic-free seed coatings. Our new-generation seed solutions include products for both vegetables and field crops. 
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