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Photo compilation of petri dish with seedlings plus vegetables and field crops and a globe representing seed technology for all crops to help feed the world

Incotec, world seed congress sponsor, extends invitation for discussion

17 may 2023: At this year's ISF World Seed Congress, Incotec invites attendees to stand SB-503 to discuss the role of seed treatment in the challenges facing the sector.

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Petri dish demonstrating how fungi can work as protection for plants in agriculture

Opinion: Three ways to get microbes in the right place at the right time

09 May 2023: That microbes can have a positive impact on plant development is no secret, but how can you get the microbes to the right spot at the right time?

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Incotec's research and technology director, Marcia Werner

Marcia Werner speaks at FAO regional conference

18 April 2023: Marcia Werner, Incotec's R&T Director, speaker in FAO 'No good crops without good seed' event

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Incotec researcher working on biologicals for use in agriculture

Whitepaper: Formulating Biologicals for Agriculture

12 April 2023: Incotec and Croda Crop Protection have released a whitepaper on biologicals in the agrochemical sector: the potential and the challenges.

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Innovation Centre Enkhuizen

Investing in site Enkhuizen

27 March 2023: Incotec is investing in the future with plans to further develop the site in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.

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Zittend van links naar rechts Barry Hoff, Erik Jan Bartels en Ronald Siffels van Incotec Staand: Arnout Asjes van Land Life

Incotec and Land Life join forces to accelerate global reforestation

23 March 2023 : Seed enhancement company Incotec and tech-driven reforestation company Land Life have signed an MoU to collaborate in a pioneering project integrating smart coating technologies on...

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Croda volunteers help plant seeds for charitable organisation America's Grow-a-Row

Seed pelleting helps combat food insecurity

28 February 2023: Seed pelleting provided by Incotec and financial support from The Croda Foundation enable USA charity 'America's Grow-a-Row to provide more healthy food for the needy.

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Logo Indian Seed Congress

Indian Seed Congress

28 February 2023: A team from Incotec India will be offering advice and expertise on seed technology for the Indian market from their booth at the Indian Seed Congress.

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Booth wall showing links to Incotec seed technologies

Sharing seed enhancement expertise at Bangladesh Seed Congress

9 February 2023 : In the Incotec booth, seed technology experts are on hand to discuss the right solution for your crop needs.

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Beauveria bassiana

Opinion : Microbes eating insects

Microorganisms play an important role in life on earth. Also, in agriculture they can be major contributors to a sustainable world. There is a group of microorganisms that can be classified as bio...

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Henry Bruggink of Incotec

Chapter on priming by Henry Bruggink in new book on sustainable crop production

21 December 2022: Henry Bruggink, senior researcher at Incotec, has contributed to the recently published book Advances in seed science and technology for more sustainable crop production. In the book...

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corn seeds and pathogens

Opinion: The fight against soil borne pathogens

Microorganisms can use different modes of action to protect the plant. In the third blog on the use of microbes in agriculture Carola Peters explains what these are.

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ColorIn pigment for seed film coating

New color pigment added to product range

29 November 2021: This valuable addition to the product range is in answer to customers’ requests for a full portfolio of seed enhancement products.

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Incotec USA GM

Nathen Deppe appointed general manager of Incotec's North American business

22 November 2022: Incotec announces the appointment of a new general manager in North America. Nathen Deppe has an extensive background in agriculture and a proven track record. His knowledge of the...

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Manish patel, managing director of Incotec India, after being elected as president of the APSA

New president of APSA

Asian Pacific Seed Association elect Manish Patel, Managing Director of Incotec India, as president.

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Whitepaper on a microplastic free future for seed treatments

Incotec and Croda publish recommendations for seed industry on transition to microplastic-free treatments

17 November 2022: We have developed expertise on assessing whether products contain microplastics and on producing new microplastic-free alternatives. The whitepaper provides in-depth information on...

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Effect of mycorrhiza on onion development

Opinion: Invisible creatures that help the plant thrive

In the second blog of this series on microbes, Carola Peters tells us how microbes can provide the three main nutrients a plant needs.

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Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood, Incotec's R&D Manager

Opinion: Going microplastic free: lessons from Croda and Incotec’s seed treatment journey

The transition to microplastic-free seed coatings is a challenge for the whole seed industry. Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood talks about the approach taken by Incotec and Croda and what steps they will...

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Incotec's R&D Manager

Opinion: The new microplastics legislation - what does it mean for seed treatments and coatings

Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood blogs on the new restrictions of microplastics and the consequences.

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Opinion: Superpowers of microbes

In this first blog of a series about microbes and how they can benefit agriculture, Carola Peters describes some of the remarkable qualities of microbes..

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veg seeds with microplastic-free coating

Microplastic-free seed coatings

With the use of microplastics in seed treatment expected to be banned soon in Europe, and other regions of the world likely to follow, the need for microplastic-free seed treatments has never been greater. Helping customers get ahead of a major regulatory impact, we are expanding our line of microplastic-free seed coatings. Our new-generation seed solutions include products for both vegetables and field crops. 
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