microplastic-free seed coatings offer a chance to improve sustainability in agriculture


The sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations to shape sustainable development globally play a key part in formulating our own sustainability strategy. Incotec, Crop Protection and Plant Impact - Croda’s three agricultural businesses - collectively use smart science to maximise land productivity, by increasing yield and resilience, whilst protecting soil health and biodiversity. Croda has worked with independent partners to validate the importance and relevance of the SDGs for both its whole business and its Crop Care footprint.

Incotec is committed to developing sustainable seed solutions. We always look for the most sustainable way to help customers achieve their goals. Download the booklet 'Sustainable Innovation from Seed to Harvest' for information about the many SDGs that are positively impacted and the four that most strongly demonstrate Incotec's contribution.

Incotec's products and technologies positively impact these 4 United Nation's SDGs

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Sustainable innovation from seed to harvest

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lab evaluation of effect of sustainable seed treatments on germination

Mission Zero

Incotec has set its course for the coming years: to make our company substantially more sustainable.

enhanced root growth

Seed applied biologicals and additives

A promising innovation in plant protection is the use of fungi and bacteria incorporated into the coating. We are currently working on techniques for the safe application of these living organisms to seed in a coating.

organic pumpkin priming

Organic seed solutions

To meet constantly changing demands, we innovate continuously. Not only for conventional farming but also for farmers who choose to grow crops organically.

Sunflower seed can be encrusted

Microplastic-free products

Incotec is developing a full range of microplastic-free seed coatings, helping customers get ahead of a major regulatory impact.

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Part of Croda

In 2015 Incotec's expertise in seed enhancement technology came together with the extensive Croda formulation know-how when Incotec became part of Croda. This laid the foundation for innovation and growth.
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How can seed technology contribute to sustainable food production?