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We specialise in improving the quality of seed through seed technology

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Getting the utmost out of seed

Incotec is the seed enhancement specialist. Through seed technology we improve the performance and resilience of seeds which leads to a better crop result. We work with seed for field crops and vegetables. The seed enhancement work we do, contributes significantly to the development of sustainable agriculture. Our solutions support the huge efforts of seed companies, breeders, growers and farmers all over the world. 
Sunflower seed with microplastic-free film coat

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What we do

Incotec has various innovative technologies that improve the resilience and performance of seeds. These range from cleaning, upgrading and priming (pre-germination) to pelleting, film coating and encrusting. We have a great deal of knowledge not only in the field of biology and physiology (the seed), but in technique and formulations too. That is what makes us the experts in combining the living seed with different coatings and other products such as plant protection products and nutrients.
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Seed technologies

Our technologies are designed to improve the vitality and performance of vegetable and field crops seeds and in this way contribute to global food security.
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Where we operate

Incotec's products are customised to meet the requirements of specific crops and their particular growing conditions and climates. That's why we have production and sales offices all around the world serving customers on every continent.
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