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Analytical seed services

Quality control and breeding support are vital analytical services for the seed industry. Incotec has many years of experience partnering with seed breeders and producers and we provide a wide variety of different tools. Through an exemption granted by the Dutch authorities no phytosanitary certificates are needed when shipping seeds to our European labs for analysis.
Analytical testing

PPP loading analysis

Providing support for the many challenges of applying plant protection products (PPP) to seed, we offer extensive high performance liquid chromatography expertise. Cut out the risk of overdosing or underdosing using PPP loading analysis. No more high PPP concentrations that will cause physiological damage, or disease and infection through concentrations that are too low. To support in developing and monitoring seed treatment, we also offer seed-to-seed distribution testing.


To protect the environment, dust released from treated seeds needs to be controlled and monitored. This is already being enforced through legislation in many countries. We offer dust-off testing according to the Heubach code of practice (CoP) which is the accepted method within the seed industry. Incotec’s lab has certification from SGS (acting on the authority of the Seed Treatment Stewardship Steering Committee) for performing this test.
In addition to the Heubach test, we can determine the extent to which the active ingredient is present in the dust.

DNA technology

In collaboration with KeyGene, Incotec has developed sets of high-quality genetic markers based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). These are effective on a worldwide gene pool.  We have very effective SNP sets for tomato, pepper (sweet and hot), melon, cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, aubergine, pumpkin (C. pepo), brassica (cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli), onion (for verification only), corn and sunflower. The sets have 16 or 48 SNP markers. For each variety a unique pattern is used for accurately identifying the variety, determining homogeneity and or the percentage of inbreds.

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SDS and other documents

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Seed technologies

Our seed technologies are designed to improve the vitality and performance of vegetable and field crops seeds and in this way contribute to global food security.

Seed applied technologies

Learn more about what seed-applied technologies are. Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Global Sales Manager at Incotec, talks with Marcel Bruins of European Seed.
We have a wide variety of tools for analytical testing.