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We have seed technology experts all over the world who know the local conditions and requirements. Whether you're looking for a specific seed solution or you would like to discuss the best options for your seed or crop, Incotec specialists with knowledge of local conditions are happy to talk to you. And, with the global organisation behind them, you have access to a wealth of expertise and experience.
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Inoctec Corporate

Incotec Europe

Phone +31 (0)228 358000
Incotec Head Office is located in the Netherlands. The production facilities, sales offices and an innovation centre serve Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
Incotec seed enhancement business in Salinas

Incotec North America, Salinas

Phone +1 831-757-4367
Focusing mainly on the vegetable business, this site in Salinas has an innovation center, production facilities and sales offices.
Innovation Center Urbandal

Incotec North America, Des Moines

Our innovation center and sales offices are situated in Des Moines in the heart of the North American field crops market.
Aerial view of Incotec Brazil

Incotec Brazil

Phone +55 19 3802 9600
Incotec Brazil is located in Holambra, and serves South America. Here there are productions facilities, sales offices and an innovation centre.
Incotec's innovation centre and sales offices in Beijing

Incotec China, Beijing

Phone +86 10 6248 0309
At this facility in China there is an innovation centre and sales offices.
Incotec's production facility in Tianjin, China

Incotec China, Tianjin

Phone +86 22 59007360
Our facility at Tianjin is mainly a production facility.
Sales offices, production facilites and innovation centre, Incotec India in Ahmedabad

Incotec India

Phone + 919998980829
Located in Ahmedabad, our site in India has production facilities, an innovation centre and sales offices.
Incotec's sales office and production facility at Pergamino. Argentina

Incotec Argentina

Phone +54 2477 423869
Here there are manufacturing facilities and sales offices located in Pegamino.
Incotec Australia's sales and production facilities at Carrum Downs, Victoria

Incotec Australia

Phone +61 (03) 9770 8449
Located in Carrum Downs, Victoria, Incotec Australia has sales offices and production facilities and serves both Australia and New Zealand.
The Incotec site in Pietermaritzburg that serves sub-Sahara Africa

Incotec South Africa

Phone +27 (0) 33 386 1560/1
Our site in Pietermaritzburg which includes production facilities and sales offices serves sub-Sahara Africa.
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