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Incotec's facility in South Africa

Incotec South Africa

4 Shortts Retreat Road
South Africa 

Tel  +27 (0) 33 386 1560/1
Open 8.00 h - 16.00 h 


Stefano Martinuzzi, Area Sales Manager Incotec South Africa

Stefano Martinuzzi

Area Sales Manager Sub-Sahara Africa

Serving sub-Sahara Africa, our facility in Pietermaritzburg offers a wide range of film coats to meet the needs of your vegetable and field crops. 

Why film coat seeds?

A film coat's crucial property is retaining plant protection products on the seed. This keeps dust-off to a minimum to protect the environment and enhance working conditions, and ensures optimal use of active substances for healthy crop development. Coating with a smooth film coat will enable easy flow through equipment, preventing blockages and delays and ensuring precise planting. 


Tel +27760402193 


Film coats

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