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Abiotic stress relief

With climate change, it is expected that we will increasingly be faced with conditions that negatively impact the development of crops. High or low temperatures, drought and soil salination cause abiotic stress to plants and can results in poor crop development and yield. This has resulted in a growing demand for technologies that will mitigate these detrimental effects and safeguard global food security.

Mitigating Abiotic Stress to Create Resilient Crops

healthy seedling in dry ground illustrating Incotec's solutions for abiotic stress to plants
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animation of seedling strength even when faced with drought

Abiotic stress relief

We are developing a seed-applied technology that relieves abiotic stress caused by conditions such as high temperature, drought and salinity. The products, which are microplastic free, bio-based and fully biodegradable, can be applied with a suitable film coat and prototypes are being trialed on various crops with excellent results so far.

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