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Microplastics and the seed industry

Incotec regularly distributes a newsletter with the latest information about microplastics and the seed industry.  The newsletter is to keep you informed of the public debate, any updates in regulations and the development of microplastic-free solutions. You can read past editions of the newsletter below or sign up to receive the next editions directly.


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Lab technicial in Incotec's seed technology lab

Newsletter 12

APRIL 2024
Microplastics at ISF | Why test now? | All natural polymers exempt? | Microplastic containing polymers
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Newsletter 11

October 2023
Microplastic Restriction adopted | Earlier ban in France? | Incotecs MPF-products worldwide | Statements seed federations
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European flag

Newsletter 10

July 2023
EU parliament vote | EU 2030 targets | Biodegradability testing | Certification
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EU building

Newsletter 9

February 2023
Microplastic definition | Final draft amendment | Exclusion criteria | Next steps
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ISF logo

Newsletter 8

June 2022
News heard at ISF |Certification | Biodegradation testing | USA view
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Incotec's R&D Manager

Newsletter 7

February 2022
Microplastic-free vegetable coatings a step closer | Test methods | Are timelines being met? | Might countries deviate from timeline?
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microplastic-free veg seed filmcoatings

Newsletter 6

October 2021
New range of microplastic-free film coatings for vegetable seeds | vote by European parliament | restriction scope | other legislative activities
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Labwork at Incotec

Newsletter 5

June 2021
Biodegradability tests | Water-soluble polymers derogation | Are microplastics harmful?
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Rob Pronk in the lab at Incotec

Newsletter 4

March 2021
News on timing of regulations | Alternative solutions for vegetables | What's happening outside the EU
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corn field

Newsletter 3

December 2020
First microplastic-free corn coating | Microplastics and seed treatment explained (video) | Coatings for vegetable seeds | Contributors to microplastic build-up
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Sunflower seed can be encrusted

Newsletter 2

June 2020
First microplastic-free products available | Are microplastic-free products just a trend? | COVID-19 and timing | Seed safety and environmental safety
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plastic and fork

Newsletter 1

May 2020
The microplastics issue | regulations outside Europe | rate of degradation | impact on costs
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