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Incotec technology in the lab

Incotec technology at your facility

Would your business benefit from you having the capacity to apply trusted Incotec seed technologies at your own facility? There could be many advantages to having specialized seed technology in house especially when it is coupled with a consistent supply of raw materials and a technical support team at your disposal. 
Incotec film coating in the lab
There are seven Incotec seed technology groups and all or some of them can be made available to you depending on what best suits your strategy. Together, we will examine what Incotec technology in-house could mean for your business. If we established that this is right for you, we will set up the equipment at your facility, carry out any training needed and make sure you are able to start implementing the technology or technologies you have chosen. You will benefit from a constant supply of the raw materials as well as technical support from Incotec whenever you need it.

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Seed technologies

Our seed technologies are designed to improve the vitality and performance of vegetable and field crops seeds and in this way contribute to global food security.

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Make our technology your difference

All of our seed technologies can be made available for customers who would benefit from applying Incotec's seed technologies at their own facilities. There will not be a business advantage for every customer - the gain will depend on your strategy and your type of business. Before you make a decision it is important that together we make a thorough analysis of  your specific situation and goals.

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Which technologies could be available at your facility?