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Organic seed solutions

In a dynamic industry such as the seed sector, demands and requirements are constantly changing. To help our customers meet these requirements and achieve their goals, we are continuously developing and innovating not only for conventional farming but also increasingly for farmers who choose to grow their crops organically. That is why we are developing and expanding our range of product for organic crops.
lettuce crop

North America

In North America we offer a range of pelleting and priming products for organic vegetable crops like lettuce, onion and parsnip. All our products for the North American organic market are compliant with the requirements of the federal regulatory program NOP (National Organic Program) which regulates all substances used.

Pelleting maximises planting efficiency while maintaining the seed’s germination capacity. Priming products support germination when conditions are not optimal. A good example is XSpecial Organic. This is a priming for lettuce seeds which will overcome thermodormancy, raising the temperature window in which seeds will germinate by 10 degrees. It will also break photodormancy allowing seeds to germinate in light or dark conditions and give a stronger crop stand. 


In Europe we offer organic pelleting, priming and upgrading. Film coats are the ideal carrier for (bio)fungicides and various additives to protect and nourish the seed and crop. Our pelleting products increase planting efficiency and our priming products support uniform germination and plant stand, break some types of seed dormancy and broaden the temperature range in which seeds will germinate. Our highly innovative X-ray upgrading techniques can significantly increase the percentage of useable transplants in a seed lot. 

infected vs clean seeds

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We can work with you to develop a quality seed-application method for your biologicals or additives. As seed coating specialists, Incotec works independently with various suppliers of biologicals and additives to develop formulations and application techniques that achieve maximal compatibility and maintain optimal seed shelf life.
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