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Seed technologies for Europe

seeds film coated with vibrantly coloured microplastic-free film coatings

Seed film coating

What is seed film coating, how is it done and what are the benefits?

seed pelleting process

Seed pelleting

Seeds are pelleted for faster and more efficient sowing. The coating is the ideal carrier of protection products and/or nutritional products.

seeds being encrusted

Seed encrusting

Encrusting seeds increases sowing efficiency and planting accuracy. Plant protection products can be integrated into the encrusting.

seedlings from primed seeds compared to seedlings from non-primed seeds

Seed priming

By influencing germination, specific seed or crop challenges can be overcome. We offer primings to meet the needs of a broad range of crops, including primings to break seed dormancy.

enhanced root growth

Seed applied biologicals and additives

A promising innovation in plant protection is the use of fungi and bacteria incorporated into the coating. We are currently working on techniques for the safe application of these living organisms to seed in a coating.

Incotec specialists in the lab

Seed upgrading

The quality of a seed lot can be improved through upgrading. Incotec offers several techniques including the highly innovative x-ray upgrading.

Incotec chemist in lab

Seed hygiene

Products and treatments aimed at reducing or eliminating harmful seed-borne fungi pathogens and microorganisms to create conditions for a healthy crop.

Analytical testing

Analytical seed services

Incotec provides a variety of analytical seed tests for quality control and breeding support.

Incotec film coating in the lab

Incotec technology at your facility

Would your business benefit from you having the capacity to apply trusted Incotec seed technologies at your own facility? There could be many advantages to having specialized seed technology in house.

Certificates and Accreditations

GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practices)

834.8 KB

Skal Organic (Suitable for Organic Production)

81.3 KB

ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)

805.3 KB

Heubach : European code of practice for the monitoring of floating dust of treated seeds

81.7 KB

NAL (Naktuinbouw Authorized Laboratory)

438.4 KB

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

805.2 KB

ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

805.7 KB

ESTA : compliance with the ESTA standard for vegetables (witloof)

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