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Indian Seed Congress leaflets and information

Below you can download information on seed technologies developed for the Indian seed market.
Or contact the local sales team from Incotec India

Arshad Amir
Sales Executive
M: +91 9998244108
 Pramod Jadhav
Sales Manager
Hiren Patel
Sales Executive
M: +919601549650 


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Supporting Literature

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Innovative Film Coatings for Field Crops - advanced formulation technology in our Disco film coat liquids

microplastic-free seed coatings offer a chance to improve sustainability in agriculture

Seed Encrusting and Pelleting - to increase your planting efficiency

Onion seed pelleted by Incotec

Seed Priming - giving the seed the best start for an optimal result

Seedlings from primed tomato seeds

Seed testing services (NABL accredited).

analytical lab