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Incotec embraces the spirit of Christmas

Donation goes to local charity

This December a number of Incotec employees have embraced the holiday spirit and chosen to redirect their Christmas gift allocations to charity. The charity Incotec has chosen this year is the Kartini Foundation —an organization committed to uplifting underprivileged children in the Malang area of Indonesia.

In addition, Incotec is donating a further 1000 euros to the same charity. This donation is made possible through the efforts of two retired employees, Joop Deen and Jaap de Jong, who selflessly put in time to collect and sort Incotec’s scrap iron.

The Kartini Foundation focuses on securing a brighter future for disadvantaged children by providing them with access to education. The belief that literacy empowers individuals to take control of their own lives underpins the foundation's mission. Incotec has a long relationship with this organization and has been sponsoring the education of children through them for many years.

Joop Deen collects and processes scrap iron for a good cause
Joop Deen and Jaap de Jong (not in this picture), both retired Incotec employees, collect and process the scrap iron. The proceeds generated go to the Kartini Foundation.
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