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Highlighting global presence and local solutions

Incotec at special centenary edition of ISF

This year the World Seed Congress celebrates 100 years of the International Seed Federation (ISF). At this special edition of the annual congress (27-29 May, Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Dutch based seed enhancement company Incotec showcases its global presence and local solutions for the seed industry. Incotec is also a long-term sponsor of this important seed sector event. 

Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Sales Director Incotec

"Truly a global company"

Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Business Director Incotec: “Our uniqueness is that Incotec is a truly global company with product validation and R&T labs, sales offices, and production sites in all parts of the world, while on the other hand we have a dedicated product offering tailored to the specific climates and crops of each region. Being a global player, with a broad reach we are the first-to-market with new and sustainable offerings, like microplastic-free film coatings and pellets or priming technology to help mitigate the impact of abiotic stress caused by climate change.”

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