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Incotec donates to Food Bank West-Friesland

Seed enhancer Incotec is donating 5,800 euros to the West-Friesland Food Bank. In an internal competition (the Purpose In Action Award), Incotec won an award in the Health, Safety and Welfare category for working with ambassadors. These ambassadors work hard to improve the safety culture even further. The seed enhancement company from Enkhuizen won this amount, to spend on a local charity. Tessa Wehrmeijer, project leader and safety advisor at Incotec, did not have to think much about that: "The mission of our company is to contribute to food security through our technology. Not only in Europe but also worldwide. And the mission of our parent company Croda is 'Smart science to improve lives'. What fits that better than the food bank, ready to help people and families who are (temporarily) a little less fortunate?"

Han Neef of the Food Bank West-Friesland: "On behalf of the food bank I want to thank Incotec so much for this donation. Every penny we get is a bonus for us. We are not subsidised and we depend purely on donations and gifts, so this is fantastic. We are going to invest it in a very good way. You know that food has to be collected by van and the van we have at the moment needs to be replaced. So this donation is a very nice addition to the fund for a good bus. We are very happy with it!"

Incotec's Tessa Wehrmeijer presents donation to Food Bank Westfiesland
From left to right: Han Neef, General Coordinator Food Bank West-Friesland, Tessa Wehrmeijer, SHE Technician Incotec and Leonie Sipkes, Chair of Food Bank West-Friesland
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