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Incotec promotes partnerships for sustainability at ISF’s Holland Pavilion

This year the World Seed Congress celebrates 100 years of the International Seed Federation (ISF). At the special edition of the annual seed congress (27-29 May, Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Dutch based seed enhancement company Incotec promotes partnerships for sustainability and innovation in the so-called Holland Pavilion. Besides that, Incotec has a separate booth (No. 3.21) in the exhibition area to discuss how seed treatment can help face the many challenges of the seed sector.

Incotec invites congress attendees to visit them in the Holland Pavilion to discuss possible partnerships. 

Incotec boots with partner in boots

Partner with us

Because two know more than one, we at Incotec work closely with commercial, academic and research organizations operating in the same field.

Incotec booth in Holland Pavilion at ISF 2024

Smart partnerships

Incotec is open for smart partnerships with other companies and institutions, especially if this means accelerating in the fields of sustainability and innovation. Three of these existing partnerships are showcased at the Holland Pavilion. On 3 consecutive days, Incotec highlights the cooperation with Land Life Company (aimed at speeding up reforestation), Solynta (aimed at enhancing true potato seeds to help bring this staple food to areas where hunger is a real concern) and Key Gene (aimed at variety identification and hybrid purity control to support seed quality and breeding). 

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