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Seed Technology central theme at Thai workshop

Incotec’s Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager, and Tomoko Sakata, Research and Technology Manager Asia Pacific, will address a number of advanced seed technology topics as key speakers at the Seed Processing Technology Workshop in Thailand on Wednesday, March 6.

Tomoko Sakata, R&T Manager Incotec and Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager Incotec

(L) Incotec's Dr Tomoko Sakata, Research and Technology Manager Asia Pacific and (R) Ernest Fong, Business Development Manager 

Insights on seed enhancement strategies

During the two-day workshop, Dr Tomoko Sakata delves into innovative seed enhancement strategies, focusing on film coating and microbes. Her presentations provide valuable insights into safeguarding seeds against threats, fostering resilient crop production, increasing yield and promoting sustainable agriculture from a seed technology perspective. Tomoko's expertise will be shared across two compelling themes: the first emphasizing sustainable seed protection strategies, and the second discussing the technology behind elevating seed quality and crop yields through upgrading, priming, and encrusting & pelleting.  

Microplastic-free future for seed treatment

In his talk "Mission Zero - Navigating a Microplastic-Free Future in Seed Treatments," Ernest Fong will explore the challenges posed by microplastics in seed treatments. He will shed light on the reasons for concern and anticipated transition timelines, providing crucial insights to help seed companies and professionals navigate this period of change.


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