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OmegaKote Spinach

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A high-performance green film coat treatment, incorporating a organic certified organic seed treatment that shields the plant's emerging root system. It provides a sustainable protection for early stages of Pythium even before the plant emerges. This protection establishes a barrier around the plant and the developing root which will help protect the crop against Pythium until the first true leaf.
OmegaKote Spinach

Product details

Regional availability

  • North America


  • Applying actives, additives and biologicals
  • Custom film coating

Features and benefits

  • "Protects emerging root system
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Minimal dust-off
  • Microplastic-free film coat
  • Organic seed treatment
  • Pythium control "


  • Spinach

Product brochures & guides

Category: Marketing sheet

Title: Marketing sheet Omegakote Spinach

Marketing sheet Omegakote Spinach

Language: English | Size: 2082.49kb

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