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Splitkote Special Lettuce

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Today's planting equipment requires a smooth finish for optimal results. Pelleting seeds creates that smooth surface and uniform shape as well as an increase in size and weight: all characteristics designed to maximize planting efficiency. Incotec's coating products are developed to maintain the germination capacity of the seed. The priming allows germination up to 10°C higher compared to unprimed seed. The SplitKote pellet improves sowability and can act as a carrier for plant protection products. Incotec's long proven pellet SplitKote, performs very well even under varying/dry growing conditions and has a good stand establishment.
Splitkote Special Lettuce

Product details

Regional availability

  • North America


  • Pelleting
  • Priming

Microplastic free

This product is microplastic free according to current ECHA guidelines

Features and benefits

  • Increases germination upper temperature limit up to 10°C.
  • Maximizes planting efficiency.
  • Maintains germination capacity of the seed.
  • Performs very well even under varying or dry growing conditions.
  • Combined with a priming to improve germination uniformity and performance over a broader temperature range.


  • Lettuce
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